Authors and Contributors

OpenCATS would not exist were it not for Asim Baig, the original Cognizo developers, and RussH. The OpenCATS community, myself included, are grateful for this.

This is not a comprehensive list of people who have developed and contributed to CATS/OpenCATS over the years. If you have helped, and you are not listed, let us know and THANK YOU!

Original CATS/Cognizo developers and contributors listed

  • Asim Baig

  • Will Buckner

  • Andrew Candals

  • Paul Canfield

  • Brian Hanson

  • Austin Smith

OpenCATS Developers and contributors

  • RussH

  • Matias Lespiau

  • Kixy25

  • libregeek

  • skrchnavy

  • Bloafer

  • cptr13

If anyone has been forgotten, please let us know! Opencatsdocs at gmail

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