Run the Installer

Install the OpenCATS software

In your browser, go to localhost/opencats (Or use the address of your server or VPS in place of “localhost”).

Note: Database connectivity

If you are running OpenCATS locally on your computer, or on some shared hosts, the host address will be localhost. If your server, VPS (some shared hosting too), you will need to enter the specific address to access.

When you Test Database Connectivity, I usually get red the first few tries after click the test database connectivity button. If you try more than a couple times and it stays red, you have either entered your db information incorrectly, or you have set your MySQL/MariaDB database up incorrectly. It needs to be corrected before proceeding.

Note: Setup resume indexing

  • Change the paths to the executables to the correct paths. You will need to find and install these separately. The software will work without them but resume indexing will be unavailable. YOu can always amend this after installation, and set the correct path in config.php. Normally, they should be as follows:

  • /usr/bin/antiword

  • /usr/bin/pdftotext

  • /usr/bin/html2text

  • /usr/bin/unrtf

Note: Mail Settings

OpenCATS can send emails. If you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to. OpenCATS works great either way! If you're using gmail you will need to use app passwords to generate a unique application password. Opencats uses the project PHPMailer for email functions.

Note: Loading extras

zip code lookup is deprecated and replaced in the codebase with a google address lookup. You will need to set this up later, and provide an API key (thank you, google!) [ADD]


The default username and password for your new install is : admin/admin (all lowercase)

Click Start OpenCATS for your login screen.

If you are exposing your OpenCATS to the web (i.e. enabling the job portal) then remember to deploy .htaccess security configuration.

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